Five Cannabis Brands from Santa Barbara County That You Should Know About

June 8, 2021

The legal cannabis market in California is saturated with hundreds of distinct brands from every corner of the Golden State. Though the Emerald Triangle, composed of Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendocino counties, is often hailed as the Mecca of California cannabis, Santa Barbara County has become the top leading cultivation site for cannabis. According to Marijuana Business Daily, Santa Barbara County issued the most cultivation permits in the state in 2018. The licensed market is inundated with different options which may be overwhelming to consumers who are new to this, so we decided to help. Here are five of our favorite locally grown cannabis brands we carry at The Roots!

Co-Founder Autumn Shelton with some of the Autumn Brands greenhouse workers.

Autumn Brands

Autumn Brands is one of the first women-owned cannabis businesses in California, coming to existence through the partnership of Autumn Shelton and Hanna Brand. Their families have deep roots in farming culture, with their family farm having historical roots in Holland. Nowadays, their cannabis farm is nestled in Carpentaria where the ocean breeze meets the warm California sun. Autumn Brands brings high-quality varietals at an affordable price and prides itself in being 50% woman owned. Their 3-acre greenhouse grow utilizes sustainable grow methods, including a close-loop watering system to eliminate water waste in drought-prone California. Autumn Brands puts specialize attention to every product they sell, hand trimming, drying, and packing their flower to ensure optimum quality. Some of our personal favorite strains from them include their indica-dominant hybrid Wedding Cake and their sativa Mother’s Milk. Want to learn more about this awesome brand? Check out their website.

Glass House Farms founder Graham Farrar is sampling some of his greenhouse's latest yields. (Photo courtesy of Giana Magnoli / Noozhawk)

Glass House Farms

Glass House Farms was founded in 2015 in Carpinteria, just prior to the state legalizing adult cannabis use a year later. Co-founded by Graham Farrar, who is also the founder of Santa Barbara based dispensary The Farmacy, Glass House Farms is a fully vertically cannabis brand. Farrar was previously one of the founding members of the wireless audio group Sonos and his technological knowledge is on display at Glass House Farm’s state-of-the-art greenhouse. With over half a million square feet greenhouse space under their control and plans to expand to 2 million square feet, Glass House Farms is steadily becoming one of the largest fully integrated cannabis companies in the country. These expansion plans are further fueled by a merger with Canadian based Mercer Park Brand Acquisition Corp that happened just last month and boasts a $50 million private equity investment from Jay Z’s The Parent Company. Though Glass House produces a wide variety of cultivars, the GG4 and Papaya Punch are particularly popular here at The Roots.

A Raw Garden Refined Live Resin Cartridge with Matching Battery

Raw Garden

Founded in 2011, Raw Garden is easily one of the most popular and recognizable cannabis concentrates in the state. Their roots are deep in agriculture, with both their CEO John De Friel and their COO Thomas Martin hailing from multi-generational farming families. Raw Garden’s genetics team is staffed with a host of biochemists, botanists, and agricultural engineers. Together, their team built a state-of-the-art facility on 50 acres of beautiful land in the San Ynez valley. Their selection of cultivars available for purchase is in the hundreds and their seed bank is in the thousands. They are a Clean Green certified company, using organic, regenerative, and sustainable growing processes from seed to sale. With their recent announcement that they will be expanding their operations to the Grand Canyon state Arizona after their recent legalization of recreational adult use cannabis. Raw Garden grows the cannabis for their product just over the hill from Lompoc and they package it right down the street from The Roots, so it makes us proud to see how far they have grown. Learn more about Raw Garden by visiting their website.

Founder Josh Del Rosso proudly standing in his Santa Barbara, CA greenhouse

Local Cannabis/Josh D

Local Cannabis Co. utilizes the best of both the natural world and technology to optimize quality in their 235,000 square foot mixed-lighting facility in Carpinteria. Their company prides itself in its pheno hunting and grows their own highly sought-after varietals. This traces back to the history of one of their founders, Josh Del Rosso, who is more commonly known in the industry as Josh D. As the cultivator of the eponymous Josh D OG (AKA the OG OG Kush), Del Rosso has decades of experience growing and cultivating in this industry. Since its humble beginnings in Santa Barabara, Josh D has withstood the test of time. OG Kush is the backbone of many great strains we see on today’s market, including highly revered cultivars such as Girl Scout Cookies and Ice Cream Cake. After partnering with Calyx Peak, an Ohio-based multistate cannabis distribution and cultivation company, Josh D rebranded as Local Cannabis Co. and expanded its footprint beyond its native California. Local Cannabis Co. was recently awarded the Emerald Cup Best in Show Flower and Best Mixed Lighting flower at the 2021 awards, highlighting the robust terpene profile and nug structure that their flower is recognized for. Josh D revolutionized the cannabis industry with his introduction of OG Kush and Local Cannabis Co. hopes to continue his legacy.

Pacific Stone shake half ounces are one of the many products the Santa Barbara County

Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone is one of the most widely known cannabis brands originating from Santa Barbara. They sold through hundreds of legal retailers throughout the state, but have humble origins dating back to 2015. Like many of the other brands mentioned above, Pacific Stone also hails from a multigenerational family of Dutch farmers who transferred their growing skills over to the world of cannabis cultivation. Their love for the 805 shines through in their product, which is reasonably priced and features good quality. Pacific Stone currently sells eights, quarters, ounces, prerolls, and cartridges, but we are excited to see what they come out with next!